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It’s almost here!

The Edelman Fossil Park & Museum

Of Rowan University

Opening Summer 2024 in Mantua Township, NJ

It’s not just a museum; it’s a time-traveling adventure through history, and a commitment to safeguard our planet’s future.

Named One of the most anticipated museums opening on the planet
By Smithsonian Magazine
Unparalleled Realism

Step into exhibit galleries that transport you to the Late Cretaceous Period. Witness meticulously crafted reconstructions of ancient creatures in vivid, gritty, unflinching detail.

A Tale of Extinction & Hope

Explore the Hall of Extinction & Hope, delving into the dinosaurs’ demise and its relevance to today’s climate and biodiversity crises. Find reasons for hope and tools for a positive impact.

Hands-On Exploration

Engage with interactive exhibits, meet and touch land and sea creatures, and journey through time in a groundbreaking free-roaming VR experience.

A Gathering Place

Shop our museum store, relax in our cafe, enjoy our jaw dropping paleontology-themed playground, enjoy the Cretaceous Garden, and spot wildlife on nature trails.

Exploration Awaits

Dig with your own hands for real fossils in our fossil quarry.

Level Up the Exploration

Play games, collect content, earn points, and unlock badges for prizes. Become a climate and biodiversity champion, connecting with organizations, and building action lists.

A Vision Realized

Founded by paleontologist Dr. Kenneth Lacovara and supported by Rowan University alumni Jean and Ric Edelman, this $75 million, 44,000 square-foot museum is carbon net zero architectural marvel, surrounded by an organically grown, native plant landscape.

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